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Last two three decades has brought a tremendious change in the life, fashion, trend and even thinking style of the human. If the life pattarn of 20th centuary is compared with the life of 21st centuray, astonishing difference may be easily observed. A number of technological enventions not only facilitated the human life but also changed it altogather.Here are Some useful technologies/ gadgets are discussed.

Review Article
spintronic, magnetic material, spin current spin Hall effect, spin data recording, terahertz radiation

In the present article we want to describe the main methods and schemes that are used in constructing spintronics elements and devices, and also give a brief analysis of the prospects for their introduction into practice. In our opinion, spintronics devices can replace microelectronic devices in some limited field of technology. First of all, this is the area of registration and processing of small permanent and microwave signals. For such signals, spintronic elements based on metal nanofilms, in comparison with semiconductor elements of microelectronics, have a lower noise level, a high coefficient of thermal stability, and can be used in a higher frequency range. It is most expedient to use the elements of spintronics as high-sensitivity sensors of the magnetic field, in the special devices for recording and storing a data, and for constructing the small-size sources of high-frequency radiation in the gigahertz and terahertz frequency regions.

Review Article
Sudhaker Upadhyay

We present a simplified version of well-known finite field-dependent Becchi-Rouet-Stora-Tyutin (FFBRST) formulation advocated originally in Ref. [1]. In the present approach we don’t require any ansatz for local functional in order to compute the Jacobian corresponding to functional measure which satisfies certain boundary conditions. We show the equivalence of our approach to the original one, by producing the same results obtained by the original method, in two explicit examples. In the first example, we build the connections between Lorentz and axial gauges in Yang-Mills theory. However, in the second example, we relate the covariant and non-covariant gauges of the Abelian antisymmetric rank-2 tensor field theory.

Research brief
Shahzad Mahmood Khan

Sorry but your transactoin is denied You’re at Starbucks trying to make a purchase of your favourite hot-drink and your card is denied. How embarrassing. But wait - You’ve paid your balance every month without fail. What gives? What likely could have happened is that some intelligant software at your financial institution detected a purchase anomaly and took action to prevent the fraud. Today, these tools are incredibly powerful, scanning through terabytes of data to detect even slight deviations in behavioral models like a sequence of small charges at online vendors or sudden spending pattern on new product categories. These are common signs of fraud that can raise red flags.

Editor in Chief
Prof. Dr.Ing. Timon Rabczuk (Ph.D)
Chair of Computational Mechanics Bauhaus University Weimar Marienstrasse 15 99423 Weimar, Germany.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Timon Rabczuk is currently holding the position Chair of Computational Mechanics, Bauhaus Universität-Weimar, since 2009. The research focus of Prof. Rabczuk is Computational Solid Mechanics with emphasis on method development for problems involving fracture and failure of solids and fluid-structure interaction. Prof. Rabczuk is particularly interested in developing multiscale methods and their application to computational materials design. You may find rest of his detail here

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