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Qamrul Khanson

In the West, the criticism of religion especially Christianity has gone so far that majority of youths and majority of the middle-aged people have illusions against church and the religious authorities in churches. Freedom of unauthorized criticism against the principles of religion is dangerous to the virgin minds and so the expressed free thoughts. So, the free thought is intimately connected with critique of religion and with free speech.

Review Article
Haroon Idrees, Rafiq Ahmad

Digital objects are more vulnerable to destruction or loss as compared to conventional library materials. Issues like format obsolescence, software obsolescence, hardware obsolescence and storage media fault/deterioration are some of the major threats that make the digital resources vulnerable to destruction. Digital resources require special attention and application of strategies for long term retention and accessibility. The purpose of this paper is to outline the basic issues that threaten the retention and accessibility of digital resources in the long term. The paper also attempts to provide an outlook of the possible solutions for overcoming these issues.

Review Article
Mairaj ul Hamid , Saqib Mehmood

This research paper focuses on the importance and relevancy of soft power for Pakistan. In this age of globalization and interdependence the use of hard power can be tricky and unproductive to bring the desired results; the importance of soft power has increased notably. Pakistan as a developing nation needs it more than ever to improve her tarnished image and achieve a better social position. Her neighbor India, on the other hand, has been working on her soft power potential for quite sometimes. Her entertainment and IT industry not only contributes to her economic success but to her image-building as well. All around the world, India is globally present and admired for. It is high time for Pakistan to start building her image by applying principles of soft power through the use of cultural expressions, active diplomacy, politics, media and human capital etc.

Editor in Chief
Prof. Dr. Susanne Elsen (PhD)
Free University of Bolzano Viale Ratisbona 16 Bressanone BZ, Italy


Prof. Dr. Susanne Elsen studied Social Education, Sociology and Economics and was graduated at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Trier. She obtained a Doctor of Philosophy at the same University and received the Venia Legendi (Habilitation) in welfare studies at the Technical University of Dresden.

After seven years of fieldwork in different countries within a program for the development of community based tourism (Studienkreis für Tourismus and Touristik Union International), she worked at the University of Trier as researcher and project leader in research for urban development, sustainability and social innovation. For her work in a project for integrative urban restoration and the development of housing- and employment cooperatives, she gained the award of the German Schader Foundation for research in the sector of housing and urban development.

Since 1992 she was responsible for the qualification programs of collaborators in local and regional development agencies at the study center of the German protestant church, Burckhardthaus, Gelnhausen. In 1995 she became the director of the research-project EUROSOZIAL at the University of Trier, financed by the German Ministry for research and education, with a focus on local labor market and the promotion of health in the Euregio Saar-Lor-Lux and in a parallel contract she worked as scientific collaborator in the national program: „Neue Wege der Arbeitsplatzbeschaffung – Gemeinwesenorientierung erschließt Potenziale“ (1998-2003), financed by the German Ministery for Families, Elderly, Women and Youth. This project aimed to create new employment options for women in remote rural areas of eastern Germany.

Since 1997 she has been Professor for community development at the University of Applied Sciences in Zürich and since 1999 at the University of Applied Sciences of Munich. Since 2010 she is full professor for sociology at the Faculty of Education of the Free University of Bolzano, vice-dean for research, director of the BA-course in social education and coordinator of the PhD-program.

In 2011 she was called as a member to the future council of Bavaria, in 2013 to the expert commission for cooperatives in the social political field of Bavaria and in 2016 as scientific councilor to the German Union of Green Enterprises. Since 2014 she has a lectureship for Community based Tourism at the University of Sancti Spiritus in Cuba.

Her emphasis in research lies in eco-social development and transformation with a special focus on socio-economic solutions for disadvantaged rural and urban areas. She combines participatory research strategies as cooperative and transdiscipilinary knowledge production with approaches to social change and development, involving concerned people (transformative research).

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