Canadian Journal of Biomedical Sciences

Short Key Title: Can J Biom Sci
Start Year: 2016

Volume 3-2018 Published Articles
Julio Padron
Canadian Journal of Biomedical Sciences (2018)
Received:February 25, 2018
Accepted:March 19, 2018
First Published:[April 5, 2018]
Publisher ID: Can J Biom Sci (2018 ). 3. 1-3
Editor in Chief
Sivan Klas (PhD)
Prof. Ephraim Katzir Department of Biotechnology Eng. ORT Braude College, POB 78, Karmiel 2161002, Israel. E.:


The major research expertise of Dr. Sivan Klas are related to environmental engineering, wastewater treatment, water purification technologies, water treatment, waste and wastewater management, water chemistry. Currently Dr. Sivan is associated with ORT Braude College of Engineering, Israel. He also has worked with Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Israel. Dr. Sivan completed his Post Doctoral Fellow from Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Civil and Environmental Engineering and University of Toronto, Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, Toronto, Canada. Wherease, He also has Volunteer Experience of working as head with Megido Environmental non-profit organization, Megido Environmental non-profit organization.

Christian Diniz Ferreira (PhD)
Professor de Neurologia/ Neurocirurgia da Universidade Federal da ParaĆ­ba/FCM, Head of Department - CPAM, Chefe da Neurocirurgia do Hospital Arlinda Marques (CPAM), Doutor pela USP Professor colaborador da Universidade de Saint Louis- USA
Journal Highlights
Key title: Canadian Journal of Biomedical Sciences 
Abbreviation: Can J Biomed Sci
Frequency: Annual
Current Volume: 2 (2017)
Next scheduled volume: December, 2018 (Volume 3)
Back volumes: 1-2
Starting year: 2016
Nature: Online
Submission: Online
Language: English


Subject & Scope
  • Biochemistry and Biotechnology
  • Bioinformatics and Biometric
  • Chemical Technology
  • Dentistry and Hygiene
  • Environmental Health, Safety and Allied Sciences
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Health Management
  • Medical Sciences
  • Molecular/ Cellular Biology
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Theoretical Models (health, life and clinical practice)
  • Veterinary, Fishery and Animal Biology

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